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Super Bear in action

"Super Bear in action" is an excellent side scrolling shooting game that really transfers to the player an unique sensation. One of it's greatest points are the dialog cut scenes between the hero and the invader bunny, where the voice acting makes this flash game a truly impressive one. The game really starts with a face to face amusing dialog confrontation between these 2 characters. The green rabbit in some way tries to explain his occupation by the truth that he is a superior race and everybody ought to obey in front of him. Offered the truth the bear occupants have no way of leaving from the planet their only way to survive is to take their possibility versus the intruders and fight.

Super Bear in action introActually only one bear will combat in this war and this will be the character you are controlling amongst all 20 levels of this game.Just as the game begins you start to have a clear understanding over your enemies. Despite the fact that until now you have actually aimed to work out a solution with a green rabbit the inbound enemies consists of vampire bees, vampire bats, flying blue minion eggs and all sort of other flying bugs and monsters.

Super Bear in actionSome need more hits to be damaged while others are best to be prevented. Anyhow as general rule for this game, bear in mind that you have to move continuously over the screen so that you attract your opponents fire in various points and build a clear and safe method for you to strike back.

One other excellent hint that I can offer this kind of shooting game is to focus on the enemies fire and search for the tight spots you can get away, rather then taking a look at your enemies. The truth the game is set to car fire is a big relief and gives you the option to much better concentrate while playing.

Super Bear in action hurtBeside the typical shooting attack, bear can also introduce a special type of attack whenever the red bar that shows in the left upper part of the screen is fully packed. This special attack is best to be used versus groups of enemies that blocks your way as well as it's a terrific leverage while combating the flying pumpkins mini managers.

From time to time as soon as you handle to complete a level the spoken conflict between the bear and the invader's leader likewise continues with more comic accents, and threatenings.

Super Bear in action cutThe game includes a good upgrade system were you trade the gold coins you collected during each defend greater abilities and more powerful weapons and skills.

It's highly needed that you upgrade when you make you method through the exceptional levels due to the fact that your opponents will likewise move quicker and utilize higher weapons to introduce more powerful attacks.At a certain point you will battle the first miniboss inside this game, a giant flying pumpkin that will spread fire all over the screen, and that test your making it through abilities to the optimum.

Super Bear in action minibossWhile you develop you method approximately the final fight things starts to actually get unpleasant and needs that you update all your gear to the max.

It's an advantage that even though you may die in this conflict, when you restart a level the gold coins you gather are still available, helping you to accomplish the upgrades more easily.So after about 40 minutes of continuous play you ought to find yourself face to face to the final employer-- the huge huge green rabbit.

It took me about 10 times to restart the last level prior to figuring the most amazing method to beat this malefic and powerful boss.It's finest to utilize the unique attack as sometimes as it shows readily available and circle in charge as often times as you can in order to distract his fire against you and stand better opportunities.

Super Bear in action introBossFight

After in charge finally gives up the dialog scenes are once again on the table continuing the story and setting things to and end.The green rabbits requests grace however all he gets is a final shoot putting and end to his dominating ambitions.

I really enjoyed this game a lot, it's simple and complicated at the same time and get's you addicted genuine quickly.


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